You don't have to let alcohol control you...we can help
H.P. Ware.
" I have to say Paul, as I said in my previous e-mail, that you have helped me tremendously and for that I am eternally grateful.  I can’t remember the last time I felt so positive and light in mood.
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If you suffer with alcohol related problems and would like to contact me, I would be delighted to discuss how I can help you and to explore the issues you want to work with.  You can contact me anytime on 07584 492254.
As an experienced and professional therapist using skills of counselling, cognitive behavioural therapy and mindfulness, I combine these various therapeutic approaches and at the same time utilising your resources to work in the most efficient way possible.
Please take your time to have a look around all of the pages on this website where you will find further details about the treatments on offer. 
This will help to diminish the unwanted symptoms you experience. I can help you  establish highly effective and successful strategies that you are able to use easily, to be free from the negative ways you currently respond to your thoughts, feelings and emotions.
Make a commitment to transform your life.
Call me anytime on:
07584 492254
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Dear Paul. Thank you for your help. When I came away from each session I was, (and remain) very motivated. Thank you. M.W. Borehamwood.
Whether you suffer with alcohol addiction, emotional drinking or a general misuse of alcohol we can help you to overcome the attachment to alcohol you have with alcohol CBT counselling.
There can be many reasons why people develop a dependence to alcohol. Generally, alcohol dependence is accompanied with emotional distress such as:
Underlying Causes
Anxiety, especially social anxiety
Anger Issues
Low confidence or Low Self Esteem
Insomnia or sleeping problems
Depression or feelings of helplessness or hopelessness
A means to cope with events or situations that appear too difficult to face
Relationship difficulties
Our empathic approach to helping people find solutions to their problems with alcohol are proactive in their approach and help people learn how to step back from the issues behind the behaviour.
Our approach is not about just stopping drinking because for most people that is just the wrong approach.
We help people to develop alternative approaches rather than just trying to change old destructive ones.
Cognitive Behavioural Therapy to Change Your Behaviour
For some of us though, we have learned to think in a certain way that isn't helpful to how our mind interprets situations and our own abilities to cope.
These interpretations then effect how we feel and respond and a default way of reacting to situations transpires with you using alcohol as a means to cope with a situation.
CBT gets results because it teaches you a new way of thinking and coping with situations as they arise. We have our own way of thinking about situations and in most situations there isn't a problem. We just get on with our day without any difficulties. 
The spiral of alcohol misuse
You experience a difficult situation either emotionally or physically.
Your mind 'send in a message' that you need to have a drink to cope.
You consume the alcohol.
You feel better or more relaxed.
You keep the belief system alive that alcohol helps.
The next time you experience a negative situation your mind once again suggests that having a drink will help.
And so the negative spiral continues
Cognitive behavioural therapy is successful in working with the emotional attachment to alcohol and aims to break this negative spiral of alcohol dependence. 
CBT is a talking therapy that specialises in behavioural change. We do alot more than talk about your attachment to alcohol though...we help you do something about it to creating sustainable change.
Week by week, our therapy to control your alcohol misuse will give you the tools to change your behaviour. It's not about just stopping drinking. Our goal is to help you step back from the urges and manage those moments in a proactive way..