I have been in private practice as a CBT counsellor since 1997.
I run a very busy practice and have gained a wealth of experience in helping people make changes in their lives with my mindfulness based therapies.
Along with my considerable experience in providing CBT mindfulness based therapies, I hold certification and diplomas in:
Cognitive behavioural therapy
I have gained a wealth of therapeutic experience in helping to manage problems associated with stress, anxiety, fears, depression, panic attacks and anger management.
I originally trained as a hypno-psychotherapist which helps my clients to analise how they got to where they are now and through this thorough training gained the advanced diploma in practical and theoretical hypno psythotherapy.
My training then followed in to counselling which enabled me to learn effective listening skills and to help people learn to understand themselves better to develop ways to move forward. During this training I gained certification in professional counselling skills.
Training in cognitive behavioural therapy, (CBT) followed.

This training helped me to develop effective skills to help people to become their own therapist; culminating in helping my clients to effectively challenge how they think and feel resulting in positive behavioural change. I gained the advanced diploma in CBT, accredited by the university of the west of Scotland.
I am always looking to improve my skills set so the next step on my path was to study mindfulness extensively. Mindfulnes has become an integral cog in the therapy I provide and have seen amazing results with the clients I treat.
In recent times I have run over a 100 mindfulness training workshops in my clinic and for businesses alike.
Along with my extensive studying I have 20 years practical therapeutic experience with over 3000 1 to 1 private clients.
Seeing this many clients has enabled me to widen my knowledge and develop additional therapeutic skills that no course or text book could provide me with.
I thoroughly enjoy my job which helps me to create a friendly and professional relationship with my clients. This relationship bodes well for helping my clients to trust me as their therapist and to trust the working relationship.

Paul Allenby dyp.hyp, dyp.cbt, MNCS, MCNHC
Standards Authority
Accredited register
Standards Authority
Complimentary and Natural Healthcare Council
Accredited register
Hertfordshire Wellbeing Centre
Alexander House,
Mindenhall Court
Stevenage Old Town,
Email: hertswbc@gmail.com
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I am an accredited counsellor with the National Counselling Society and registered memeber of the complimentary and natural healthcare council, (CNHC).
Telephone: 07584 492254