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Why do People get Angry?
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At the Hertfordshire Wellbeing Centre, we have been providing effective anger therapy since 1997.
Having treated many people with anger, Paul Allenby, has gained the experience to help people take back control from their frustrations and anger and create positive ways of response.
Successful anger management therapy is not about trying to not get angry, (this only builds up pressure.) Successful anger therapy is about learning how to recognise anger thoughts and feelings and learn strategies to step back from them.
The reason why most people get angry is because they have taken something someone has said or done personally or because of self directed frustration.
A person who suffers with anger and frustration interprets situations in a negative way and use anger as a means to:

Defend themselves emotionally.
To get themselves heard or understood.
To take back control where they feel emotionally vulnerable.
To manage situations where the sufferer is frustrated with themselves or others.
To exercise superiority or control.
To suppress negative feelings arising out of an event or situation.
Our Anger Management Sessions
Our anger management sessions use effective therapies including counselling, cognitive behavioural thrapy and mindfulness.

The combination of these therapies help our clients to:
Understand the triggers to their frustrations and anger, (Counselling).
Challenge their mind's interpretations that fuel the negative anger response, (Cognitive behavioural therapy).
Manage the angry feelings and urges, (Mindfulness).
Not just develop coping mechanisms; but develop new ways of response so these new responses become automatic, (Coaching).
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