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What is Anxiety?
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Do you find that you spend large periods of the day worrying?
Do you often feel nervous, apprehensive or on edge?
Do you feel that things are getting on top of you?
Do you find it hard to relax and 'switch off'?
Do you experience unpleasant sensations such as 'butterflies' in your stomach, muscular tension, dizziness or breathlessness?
If the answer to any of these questions is 'yes,' you may be experiencing symptoms of anxiety.
Increased heart rate
Muscular tension
Feelings of breathlessness
Anxiety is an unpleasant feeling that we all experience at times.
As well as this, anxiety affects us mentally too.
It is a word often used to describe when we feel 'uptight', 'irritable', 'nervous', 'tense', or 'wound up'.
When we are anxious we normally experience a variety of uncomfortable physical sensations. These include:
For example, when anxious, we often worry for large periods of time, so much so that our worry can feel out of control. These worries are often about a variety of issues and commonly our mind jumps quickly from one worry to another.
Anxiety also influences how we behave.
For instance, when we feel anxious, we often avoid doing things that we want to because we are worried about how they will turn out and how we will feel.
Although short experiences of anxiety are part and parcel of daily life, it becomes challenging when anxiety begins to follow people around and is a regular feature in their lives.
At the Hertfordshire Wellbeing Centre, we have been providing effective anxiety therapy since 1997.
Having treated many people with anxiety, Paul Allenby, has gained the experience to help people take back control from their anxious thoughts and feelingss.
Successful therapy for anxiety is not about trying to not be anxious, (this only builds up pressure.) It's not about trying to stop the thoughts.
We have the experience to help with:
Generalised anxiety
Social anxiety
Obsessive compulsive disorder
Irritable bowel syndrome
Panic attacks
Specialists in the Treatment of Anxiety
After suffering with crippling anxiety for so many years I felt so defeated and at my wits end.
Making that decision, has been the best thing I could have ever done for myself.  After working together over just a few short months, I hardly recognise myself any more.  
I feel free and able to use everything Paul has shown me with a new found confidence. I felt completely supported, challenged and yet comforted throughout the whole process.
B.A. Buntingford
Then I thought I would take one last shot and I contacted Paul.
Paul Allenby - Providing Therapy Since 1997
I have been providing private therapy since 1997 and have gained a wealth of experience in helping people make positive changes in their lives.
The combination of counselling, cognitive behavioural therapy and mindfulness approaches can have a positive impact on the problems you experience.
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