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Hertfordshire Wellbeing Centre
Alexander House,
Mindenhall Court
Stevenage Old Town,
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Counselling gives you the opportunity to talk about the issues that have a negative impact on your life.
We can often let our thoughts, feelings and emotions build up until you get the point where it all seems overwhelming. Being able to talk about it can help to give you more clarity and understanding.
During your initial counselling sessions, we will set goals for therapy; goals that will help you to make positive changes to your life in achievable and workable steps.
We offer counselling which is supportive, empathic and gently challenging, while remaining non-judgemental to help you find methods of coping a clear way forward.
The goal of our counselling sessions is to help you develop a number of coping strategies or dedicated techniques, which you will find effective in problem-solving and gaining independence.
Our counselling services are unique because we help people to find a realistic way forward without needlessly dwelling on the past.
Effective counselling occurs when a client feels relaxed in their surrounding.
Paul provides a safe and relaxed environment which helps his clients to settle down right from the initial consultation.
Although we may need to get an understanding how you got to where you are, our counsellor Paul Allenby, is intent on helping you to develop solutions to your here and now problems and difficulties.
This helps us to bring the problems you experience in to the open and to immediately work on solutions that you can get to work on right from this very first session.    
Here and Now Counselling
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