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If you don't want your relationship to end, don't thrown in the towel because our couples counselling provides couples with a new way to manage their conflicts in a more positive way.
No matter how bad things seem right now and despite what you may be thinking, if you have the desire and determination to put things right, it is still possible for you to turn your relationship around.
Paul has been providing private relationship counselling sessions since 1997 and has gained a wealth of experience in helping couples make positive changes in their relationships.
Because of this immense experience in couples therapy Paul considers himself to be an expert in this field.
Learn about your individual behavioural patterns that impact on the relationship. You will learn to replace these with patterns that actually work
Learn where the relationship started going wrong. Most couples aren't fully aware where it all started coming undone. With this insight, you are given the opportunity to stop 'living in the past' and focus your efforts on the present.
Learn how each of your habits and responses impact on each other.
Understand and make effective changes to the significant differences in the relationship by mastering the art of compromise.
Learn how to communicate, so you can understand each other effectively to grow a more meaningful bond.

Manage conflict. You will learn how to raise complaints without being critical and contemptuous. You will learn how to listen without being defensive or stonewalling. You will learn how to talk to each other without descending in to argument.
Problem solve and compromise. You will learn how to accept your partners influence and work together in finding solutions to non-perpetual issues.
Create trust and respect. Developing trust and respect helps couples create a future free from fear and pain.
Learn how to understand your partners real needs. Too many relationships fail because each partner have no idea how to meet their partner needs and how they wish to receive love.
Build a future of shared meaning. You will learn to use your strengths to invest in each other futures so you can grow together.
Discover your true self in the relationship. This allows confidence and self-esteem to thrive and reduce resentment present in the relationship.
Re-connect with the friendship. Too many couples lose the friendship in the relationship. Some have forgotten to be a couple because of the onset of parenthood. You will be encouraged to turn your discussions from negative to positive interactions.
Our Goals For Relationship Counselling:
Couples and Relationship Counselling
Couples and relationship counselling at Hertfordshire Relationship Counselling offers a relaxed and friendly environment for you to take a constructive, honest and more objective look without apportioning blame, at how you have arrived at this point in your relationship.
Our Relationship Counselling Sessions
Our relationship counselling provides you with a private window in which you can talk with each other about the situations the difficulties within the relationship without conflict or argument.
Your therapy starts with an initial consultation where we will discuss how you both individually feel in the relationship. With the initial understandings we set about creating the way forward.
We then proceed in to a series of weekly or fortnightly sessions, initially starting with 12 sessions. There may be a mix of couples and individual sessions.
As our relationship counselling sessions are solution focused and goal orientated we do not necessarily dwell on your past experiences. Although past experiences and how you got to where you are as a couple are important to discuss, Paul is more intent in helping you find solutions and effective coping and workable mechanisms for your current problems and difficulties.
Private Relationship Counselling Sessions Available:

Day Times
Evenings and
The sessions are designed to improve communication and find solutions to the difficulties you are experiencing and not who is to blame for the difficulties. You will both be helped to take an inward look to see how you individually add to the problems in the relationship and recognise ways to make personal changes for the good of the relationship.

Telephone: 07584 492254
Call Paul anytime for an informal chat. He will go through all aspects of how his relationship counselling works and most importantly how it can work for you.
Paul provides expert help for couples to get a more thorough understanding of each other and at the same time taking responsibility for their own actions. Paul has a unique style of therapy because it involves working on the communication within the relationship and in addition developing new ways to re-connect and rebuild the friendship in the relationship.
20 Years Experience Providing Relationship Counselling
Our couples relationship counselling sessions are relaxed and laid back whilst at the same time pro-active and goal setting in their approach. If you both have the will we can succeed.
Appointments available: daytimes, evenings and weekends
During these sessions you will be encouraged to learn more about each other. You will be encouraged to talk with each other and ask questions rather than being critical. You will learn how to become more forward looking rather than looking back.
Our couples therapy is not just talking about your problems. Paul believes that if you just talk about the problems then you remain fixed on your problems which leaves little room for creating change.
We want to help you re-connect as a couple and develop the fondness and admiration that once existed in your relationship. We want to help you to listen to each other and get a better understanding how each other feels rather than be dismissive and we want to help you develop the potential your relationship has rather than excepting the perceived inevitability that the relationship is doomed.
If it's important for your relationship to succeed the investment you make today can pave the way for huge returns tomorrow.