CBT Counselling at the Hertfordshire Wellbeing Centre

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Counselling at the Hertfordshire Wellbeing Centre can provide you with help and support if you are going through a difficult time in your life.
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Call Paul anytime if you wish to discuss any aspect of our counselling sessions.
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We offer a safe non-judgmental and confidential environment, where you can feel comfortable and at ease in expressing and exploring the problems you are experiencing and achieve attainable goals.
What types of problems do our counselling sessions help with?

Our style of counselling is a flexible therapy that can be adapted to meet your particular needs. We have experience in helping people manage problems such as:
Anger problems
Anxiety and panic attacks
Alcohol problems
Weight loss counselling
Obsessive compulsive disorder, (OCD)
Fears and phobias
Relationship difficulties
Sleep problems and insomnia
Teenage counselling
CBT counselling is proactive in its approach where we work together to make sense of how your thoughts affect how you feel and respond to situations, and with reflection, work out the best path to move forward.
Paul Allenby has 20 years experience in private practice helping people to make changes in their lives
Attending counselling may feel daunting, but actually is a sign of strength, and is often the first brave step towards taking back control from the problems you experience.
I found the sessions very liberating.
Alexander House, Mindenhall Court
Hertfordshire Wellbeing Centre
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Standards Authority
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Accredited register
Telephone: 07584 492254
Call us anytime on 07584 492254
I now feel that I have been given the tools to deal with the ups and downs of life in a healthier way. " H.P. Stevenage
It was great to be able to learn the techniques to stop the cycle of my negative thinking and how it impacted on me.