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After suffering with crippling anxiety for so many years I felt so defeated and at my wits end.
Making that decision, has been the best thing I could have ever done for myself.  After working together over just a few short months, I hardly recognise myself any more.  
I feel free and able to use everything Paul has shown me with a new found confidence. I felt completely supported, challenged and yet comforted throughout the whole process.
B.A. Buntingford
Then I thought I would take one last shot and I contacted Paul.
Confidence and the low confidence you may experience is something you learned as you grew up.
All children are born confident. They are naturally confident, self-expressive, uninhibited and curious. As they grow, their parents, their teachers, their friends and their siblings may not offer the positive nurturing and encouragements that a child needs.
They may criticise, judge and condemn. They may be discouraging when a child shows her youthful naivety or enthusiasm.
We can help you stop stop subconsciously living in the past.
If you suffer with low confidence, our combination of counselling, cognitive behavioural therapy and mindfulness at the Hertfordshire Wellbeing Centre will help you take a step back to understand how you feel and learn the skills to increase your feelings of confidence in graded and achievable steps.
Put it another way, you were taught how to be unconfident by the people who raised you, who may not necessarily have thought at all times (or even much of the time) of what was best for you and how to meet your needs.
They many come from their own victim place - whatever the mechanism, the cause of the loss of confidence in a child is the negative words and actions which older figures (or even those of the child's peer group) impose on the child.
Your level of self-confidence can be viewed by others around you in many different ways; in your body language, your behaviour, how you speak and how you react to different situations.
You fail at everything and are unsuccessful
You have no drive or direction
Shy and uneasy
A sense of uselessness and worthlessness
Inferior to others
Bitter about work, social and family relationships.
People with self confidence are more positive and believe in themselves and their abilities, whereas those with low self-confidence often have negative thoughts about themselves and their ability, which then leads to a downward spiral of under-achievement and disappointment.
If you have low self-confidence you may feel:
There may be some areas of your life where you feel confident and others where you do not. It is important to assess this to understand that learning and skills can be a bridge to confidence.
Maybe you are confident with one or two close friends but not with strangers. It may be that you are confident with animals or children but not with adults. You may be able to cook but unable to sing. Confident people build on what they can do and confront honestly what they are lacking in, accepting constructive criticism and support.
Signs you Have Low Self Confidence
Low confidence is fuelled by the thoughts and beliefs you hold about yourself and your abilities. Coupled with physical feelings and emotions such as stress, anxiety, fear and panic seek to confirm the beliefs you hold. The vicious cycle of low confidence and low self-esteem continues and seems like a never ending problem.
Paul has extensive experience in helping people to make the changes needed to boost confidence and self esteem levels.
Personal and Bespoke Therapy
Each person who comes to our clinic experiences their problems differently to the next person.
Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
Paul is uniquely experienced to provide therapy that is bespoke to personal needs and requirements which will include the skills of:
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The combination of counselling, cognitive behavioural therapy and mindfulness approaches can have a positive impact on the problems you experience.
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