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Recognising you Might Have Stress
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Stress is an innate reaction embedded from our caveman days.
The fight reaction would give us a burst of energy, ready to fight for our lives, while the flight reaction would encourage us to flee from danger and protect ourselves.
These days we rarely encounter such threatening situations, however our brains continue to react in this way when we are under pressure.
When this happens, and there is no option to fight or flight - the stress chemicals build up and affect our immune system and blood pressure and the vicious cycle of stress continues.
This build-up of stress can affect our mental health too, leading to anxiety, depression and other mental health problems.
Back then, humans had to deal with threatening situations, which caused our brains to release a range of ‘stress chemicals’ such as cortisol and adrenaline to provoke what is known as the fight-or-flight reaction.
Feeling agitated, frustrated or quick to anger.
Stress is experienced individually and some people find themselves more susceptible to stress than others.
Emotional stress symptoms
If you suffer with stress, you can expect to experience some of the following symptoms.

These can affect you both emotionally and physically.
Feeling overwhelmed and teary.
Feeling anxious.
Having a low sense of confidence and self-esteem.
Avoiding other people and social situations.
Using alcohol/drugs/food to seek comfort.
Difficulty sleeping.
Digestive problems and upset stomach.
Feeling dizzy.
Experiencing chest pains or palpitations.
Physical symptoms of stress
How do we Help People Manage Stress?
If you have stress in your life we can help you to:
At the Hertfordshire Wellbeing Centre, we have been providing therapy for people with stress since 1997.
Paul Allenby, has gained a wealth of experience to help people take back control from the stress in their lives.
Successful therapy for stress is not about trying to not be stressed, (this only builds up pressure).

It's not about trying to stop stressful thoughts.
Recognise the triggers to your stress.
Goal set to manage the parts of your day to day life that fuels the feelings of stress .
Coach you to make any necessary changes in your life that can reduce your stress.
Learn effective coping strategies that will train you and your mind to manage you in a more positive way.
If you suffer with alcohol related problems, call Paul anytime for an informal chat to discuss how his extensive experience  could have a positive impact on your life.
Appointments available:
daytimes, evenings and weekends
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I came to see Paul to get help with an anxiety problem I was experiencing following a medical condition that was diagnosed and treated in 2013.
I am pleased to say that these sessions were very helpful. All were conducted in a calm and peaceful setting and Paul was very professional and kind.
I recommend that anyone in a similar position to myself should contact Paul and benefit from his expertise as I have done. A.F. Stevenage.
Paul Allenby - Providing Therapy Since 1997
I have been providing private therapy since 1997 and have gained a wealth of experience in helping people make positive changes in their lives.
The combination of counselling, cognitive behavioural therapy and mindfulness approaches can have a positive impact on the problems you experience.
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It's hard to get all the information you need from looking at a website. I am very happy to have a chat with you to discuss how my unique style of therapy could be of help to you. Feel free to call me anytime or fill in the form above and I will contact you.